Something Sweet

9:19 AM

Yesterday was a day full of sweet things. The sweetest of all? A letter from Japan. It took two and a half weeks to get here, which was expected, but it was still so nice to FINALLY get more than a paragraph email. Japan stamps are really cute, P.S. Also, that best friend of mine is amazing. He somehow knows EXACTLY what I'm going to need to hear....and he wrote it two weeks ago, thousands of miles away. I don't know how he does it, but he's the best.

Another sweet thing? Driving my new car, Edna, around:) I am basically IN LOVE WITH IT and SO THANKFUL to my parents for getting it for me. They are also the best:)

Another sweet thing that happened was doing crazy fun things with my friends, as well as doing homework (we do good in school sometimes.) A trip to JoAnn's to get stuff for me for Relief Society resulted in fabric paint for Lauren's pants, Rachel and Alli running around taking pictures and blowing off steam, and all of us car dancing at stop lights. Good times:)

Another sweet thing that happened was my mama's DELICIOUS cake for breakfast:) Sue me for eating chocolate cake for breakfast. I had strawberries and milk with it. I feel no shame. But seriously it was really good. Chocolate cake with chocolate cool whip frosting? Divine. Maybe one day I'll post the recipe.

Another sweet thing was having a good, Gospel talk with two of my very good friends. I love that I have so many close friends that I can have these deep, good talks with. It's the best:)

So yes, yesterday was full of sweet things. And today will be too:)

No this isn't broken remember? But she looks just like this:)

This is where Randy is...the Hawaii of Japan. Yes, I'm super jealous. Aren't you?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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