News April 5, 2013

11:19 AM

New York Times Headline: Hiring in U.S. Tapers Off as Economy Fails to Gain Speed

Last month employers only increased their payrolls by 88,000 compared to 268,000 in February. This pattern is in line with a trend from a few previous springs where employers tapered off their hiring. Experts were expecting at least double the numbers, and are starting to factor in the spring "tapering off" of the economy as they project future employment numbers. 

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New York Times Headline: Judge Strikes Down Age Limits on Morning-After Pill

A federal judge ruled that the most common morning after pill must be made available to all ages, and not only be prescribed to girls above the age of 16. This contradicts the Health and Human Services secretary's over-ruling of the FDA recommendation that the pill be universally available.

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