Long string of goodbyes: goodbye classes

9:37 AM

So today I say goodbye to my classes. I have loved going to school at BYU. My professors, classmates, and even the homework, have been wonderful. I'm going to miss the classes I've been taking and the people I've met. I'm going to miss Dr. Parry's lectures and Dr. Gee's iClicker quizzes about which celebrity he looks the most like. And Brother Walz, the man who made me feel confident about going into broadcasting. I'm going to miss him too. A lot. Having Brother Griffin teach me life long lessons from the Book of Mormon is something  I'm going to miss so much too.

Classes at BYU are hard. The tests are hard (as seen by my score on my Book of Mormon test....I mean it's the Book of Mormon. I thought I knew it....) but so rewarding. There's something so exciting about spending the good part of an evening writing a news conference and having Brother Walz tell you it looks awesome, or walking into a physical science test and actually understanding the questions!

So the moral of the story is, I am glad for my four month break from school, but I know that after a few weeks I'll miss the large auditoriums and small cozy lab sections and asking the same questions to the person you're sitting by, since you sit by someone new every single time. I have loved my classes at BYU this year, and I'm excited to see what next year brings!!

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