Home sweet home

8:20 AM

I'm home! One year of college down. I know lots of my friends will be home for the summer within the next few weeks. So here's my list of things to do instead of sitting around, being bored.

  • Read. What's that, you don't like reading? You're doing it wrong. Find a book that looks interesting. I promise you'll get into it if you just find the right book.
  • Play with your siblings. I have missed my sisters a lot, and Scattergories and Jungle Speed have already been played in excess.
  • Find new music. I didn't have time at school to find NEW music. Now, I do:)
  • Keep up with the news. Whether it be on this blog or from a news source. You need to know what's up in the world. You're an adult now.
  • See some old friends. Yes, it's weird. We all have these new lives. But we can still go to lunch or have a bonfire or something.
  • Find a show. I'm on Boy Meets World right now! I watch ONE episode a day. Not too much, but not nothing.
  • Write. Journal, blog, whatever. Remember this time. It's crucial.
  • Visit your teachers. I plan on making a few trips to dear ol' Davis in the near future and thanking all the people who made my freshman year that much easier.
  • Get a job. Don't sit around the house. Make some money!
  • Help your mom. She could use help with the laundry and dishes, and I'm sure you're capable of doing it.
  • Organize your documents/photos. After a year of college you probably have a million documents and photos sitting around. Organize them.
  • Write a missionary! I have a few favorites that I can recommend;)
  • Make dinner. Give your parents the night off and whip out all those cooking skills you gained from college.
  • Enjoy yourself. You have 3 months of you time. Go walking, hiking, whatever makes YOU happy. 

These are just a few little ideas that hopefully will make your summer a little better. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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