How to survive the last few months of high school

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As per request, here is my "how to survive the last few months of high school" checklist. Let me be honest, the last month of high school was brutal. AP tests, stressing about college and what to bring and how to pay for it, worrying about my friends and teachers and spending time with them, spending time with my family, getting ready for prom and worrying that every single second wouldn't count. So. For all you stressed out seniors out there, this is for you. If you've done the whole high school graduation thing, please add and give your words of wisdom!!

  • Stop stressing. Easier said than done, I know. But seriously, life has a way of working out and it'll all be ok. So take ten deep breaths, and read on.
  • Write down all the important dates. Dates of your AP tests, final paper due dates, graduation meetings and what time your nail appointment is for prom. I promise that if you are organized things will feel less crazy.
  • When you're doing something fun, have fun. You'll look back and regret that you left something early to go study for an AP test an extra hour. Now, I am not promoting not studying or doing homework at all!! But if you've given yourself the Friday night off, really take it off and have fun with your friends. Who knows how often you'll hang out after this.
  • Find out what study method works best for YOU. Start studying for your AP tests early, figure out if you study best in a group or alone, with flash cards or just reading the book, things like that. 
  • Don't wish that you were out of high school already. I love college SO MUCH. But those last few months of high school hold some of my favorite memories. Don't wish it all away. Real life isn't always as fun as they say it is.
  • Save some money! Don't blow all your money. Of course go out to lunch and go crazy for prom and graduation, but if you can save some money, do it. You'll end up needing it in a few months, promise!
  • Take mental pictures, or real ones if you can. Document these last few months. It's really important for you now, and it will still be important for you later in your life. 
  • At senior cotillion and prom and graduation, take a moment and revel in the fact that you're there. You're there with a senior class, you may not know everyone, but you are a senior class. And that counts for something.
  • Spend time with your family. Sometimes take off a Friday night from homework and friends, and just be with your family. I promise you'll miss them more than any of those friends.
  • Have fun!!! This is the most important thing of all. You only go to senior prom once, you only graduate from high school once, you only go to the senior all night party once, LET LOOSE. Who cares who sees, who cares what other people think, be yourself and LOVE IT. These last few months of senior year can be the best of high school if you let them be. They were for me. So go to all the boring scholarship dinners and AP study sessions, go to the soccer games and the dances, everything. I promise it's all worth it.

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