Home sweet home

3:46 PM

I said goodbye to my friends today (for real) and now I'm officially home.

It's nice to be home!

And I miss BYU.

It's an interesting mix of feelings. Right now I don't have a minute to blog about my trip or all of the other things I want to blog about. So forgive me! But starting tomorrow, trust me. There will be lots of blog posts since all I'm doing this summer is working, reading, spending time with my family, and you've got it...blogging.

On the spiritual note, Dillon gave a fabulous farewell talk today about the restoration and how important that is to the people we are today. He talked about things we can learn from the restoration and apply to our lives. He's going to be an amazing missionary folks. Those people in Texas are lucky to get one of my best friends for two years. I love you Dil!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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