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She loves pink and grey.
He loves blue and grey.
She loves chocolate and pasta.
He does too.
He loves sushi and steak.
She does too.
She plays the piano and sings.
So does he.
He also plays the guitar and the drums.
She doesn't.

She does marketing, writing, web design and programming.
He goes to school along with doing banking, account management, and math.

She loves coding websites.
He loves speaking Japanese.
She loves writing as much as possible.
He loves discussing the economy.

She loves to shop.
Especially with him.
He loves to shop.
Especially with her.

He loves movies.
So does she.
She loves to read.
So does he.

She loves making lists.
He loves going with the flow.

She loves holiday decorations.
He doesn't love endless Target runs.

He is obsessed with music.
She is obsessed with dance.

She wakes him up in the mornings.
He handles the laundry.
He makes her laugh.
She makes him laugh.

He loves trying new foods.
She loves trying to be as adventurous.

She loves to travel.
He loves her so he carries the luggage.

She loves art museums.
He loves anything Disney.

They love their cozy apartment.
They love their fake plants.
They love sleeping in.
They love going to church.
They love commuting together.
They love each other.

They like what they see

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