Long string of goodbyes: goodbye apartment

10:06 AM

So today is the first day of finals. Bleh. Even more bleh? Having to move soon. I'm not going to be permanently back in Kaysville for another week, but I wanted to start my long string of goodbyes now, so there isn't a huge blog post of all the things I want to say! So instead, you lucky readers get a few shorter blog posts all charged with emotion and mostly sadness.

Today, goodbye to my apartment. I love my apartment so much. I love my room and how it feels like me, I love how messy the vanity is with six girls getting ready every day, I love how Rachel's room smells, I love our kitchen with the dishes never done and something always smelling good, I love our living room and borrowed furniture, I love our not tacky TV stand, I love our quote wall and the posters of other countries, I love our $400 dollar chairs that look like they're from the D.I., I love our elevator and Sylvia the lady who talks to us, I love the scary hallway to the laundry room, I love that our apartment is home to lots of other people, how it's always full of life, I love the magnet (if you know what I mean.... :)), I love stairwell where we fall over and laugh way too often, I love the activity room where we all met after school and started becoming friends, I love the hallway where we go after curfew, I love the cut out door where I had a few goodnight kisses, I love turret window where we people watch WAY too often, I love the memories that fill this apartment and how he is literally everywhere, I love the way it feels to walk into the building early in the morning and how sleepy it is, I love the sleepovers we've had in the living room and in Rachel's room and in my room, I love how on Sunday while we're all getting ready there's church music playing, I love the deep discussions we have early in the morning, I love all the dinners we had together, I love the laughter that echoes off the walls early in the morning, I love the broken stools, I love my desk and how it's happy and full of love, I love running down the long hallway after something great happened, I love getting picked up by Randy in the front of the building, and how Gabe and Cade would pull over the curb in the back to pick us up, I love the courtyard where we lay out and play games, I love the music that is always playing in this apartment, I love the feeling of perfection for two minutes after cleaning checks, I love that I can walk into the living room and 99% of the time someone who doesn't live here is out there, and I love how this has become home.

That was long....whew! But really. I love this apartment and how safe and comfortable I feel here. It's going to be weird moving back home. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited, but there's something about this place that's home. And it's weird to think about leaving.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where we say goodbye to...classes!

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