Saint George!

7:59 AM

Finally posting about my Saint George trip! I know you've all been waiting;) But really, I have some great ideas for you if you're ever in the Saint George/Dixie area. We had a blast and wish we could go back!

Here's a few of the fun things we did:

  • Ate at Paradise Cafe, their cookies are to DIE for.
  • Laid out by the pool at our hotel, reading and talking about everything under the sun. I powered through a really good book called The Secret Keeper. Highly recommend it:)
  • At at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe. Really good smoothies!
  • Cruised around Saint George, pretending to speak other languages in drive-thrus and parking lot dancing.
  • Went to Dixie Rock (beautiful view of the city) and sang hymns at the top when nobody else was there. It was a really spiritual, wonderful moment.
  • Worked out (not my idea, I don't work out on vacation but some people are more fit than I am) and then jumped in the pool after. SO fun.
  • Hiked in Snow Canyon. Just a few minutes away from downtown Saint George and one of the most beautiful canyons I've ever seen. The red rock was incredible, and hiking up to the top of cooled lava and petrified sand dunes was so amazing. 
  • Ate some In n' Out. I don't care if you hate fast food, I promise a trip to In n' Out every once in a while is worth your calories.
  • Also ate some Nielsen's Frozen Custard. Try it. I promise you'll love it. 
  • Realized that cute Wendie Davis (Gabe's mom) was staying at our same hotel! She was so fun to chat with and we had a great time talking with her.
  • Took a million pictures (who doesn't like to remember their vacation!)
  • Had a great time with my four best friends (I also recommend this one;))
So that's the highlights of my trip! We had so much fun and a HUGE shout out to Alli's family for making it happen! 

Dixie Rock

Parking lot dancing

Beautiful and warm!

Happy Monday everyone!

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