Last goodbye

10:47 PM

So this is the last goodbye. Goodbye to BYU, freshman year. It's been an incredible 9 months, and I have made so many memories that I will never let go of.

I can't even begin to document the things I've learned or the memories I have, so suffice it to say that BYU freshman year was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I'm currently in Saint George with my four best friends and don't have time to be all nostalgic about BYU at the moment.

So let's just stop dragging it out and do this.

Goodbye BYU. Goodbye freshman year. Goodbye to all the things I learned (which will be shared in a later post for my high school friends moving on to college, don't you worry;)) Goodbye to all the mistakes I made and the things that I finally got right. Goodbye to the first time for so many things and the last time for so many things.

See you in four months BYU, I'll be missing you.

On a separate note, I'm currently in Saint George with those four girls who make everything great. Get excited for some great adventures!

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