Fishing and friending

10:28 AM

Friends, family time rocks. This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to Idaho and float the Teton River with my cute fam bam. We've floated the Teton a bunch of times and every single time it's still wonderful. We caught SO many fish and got to spend time hanging out, laughing, and getting just a bit sunburned. If you've never done something fun and out-doorsy like this, DO IT. I love fishing and it's so fun to be with my grandpa who is a master at it. It's also fun to get a little dirty, take fish of the hook, get bled on like crazy, and walk in cool river water. What a good time:)
My parents WERE there, they just aren't pictured.

Also. This gem of a best friend of mine had her farewell on Sunday. This also shows our personalities quite well. Courtney gave a FANTASTIC talk and if you haven't seen my instagram/facebook/twitter post about her....well go check it out. It explains exactly how wonderful this girl is. Kill it in Hungary Short! Miss you already. (Expect updates on this blog about how much I miss Courtney. Realization that she doesn't live with me anymore number one? The plush, comfy rug is no longer in the bathroom. Also, the "Seriously let's make out" pillow. Gone.)

This week is busy and full of fun folks! Look forward to more family time as we go see Wicked, celebrate the 24th of July, and experience what it's like for Maddy to go to the dentist! Should be a good one;)

Happy Monday everyone:)

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