Not Settling

9:50 AM

I had an experience over the past few days that made me realize a few things, things I wanted to share.

Girls, this is especially for you.

You don't have to settle. And you may think that all guys are a certain way and you have to put up with them. That's not the case at all. Yes, you will have to compromise and learn to love their flaws and things like that, but you do not have to settle. You don't have to be with someone who doesn't treat you right. Ever.

I have the most amazing guy friends in the whole world who are constant reminders to me that I can be with someone who respects me, wants to do things for me, wants to listen to me, wants to cheer me up, and wants to be there for me. So thanks Spencer and Dylan and Trev and Jack and Dillon and Cole and Lincoln and Kurtis and Gabe and Cade and Michael and especially you Randy Low. And all you other guys that I didn't mention. Thank you for being the reminder that there are good guys out there.

So ladies, don't you dare waste a second with someone who doesn't treat you the way you deserve. You don't have to be with a guy who makes you feel bad about yourself, and more importantly you SHOULDN'T be with a guy who makes you feel like that. Guys are always saying "Nice guys finish last" and if we show them that the nice guys are what we really want, they'll all have to start being nice, right?

Wait for the right guy, and don't settle for anything less.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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