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So there's a long post coming about my amazing friends, but there are a few other people who need some recognition for making this first year of college awesome.

First off, my family. They are amazing folks. I call my mom ALL THE TIME and she always knows what to say. My dad sends me sweet emails that remind me I'm not alone, and my sisters are always so happy to see me when I visit. My brother and sister in law are so sweet and bring me treats and make me feel like I have some solid people in Provo to rely on, because I do. So yeah, my family rocks and I couldn't have done this first year without them.

Heidi Wilzbach. This girl is too cute. She and I have become really great friends and I am so stoked to live with her next year and share our Star Wars obsession:) 

Olivia Bergen. I can honestly say that Olivia has changed my life, for reasons that will remain secret. But really, she's hilarious and totally comfortable in her own skin, and she is going to keep me happy next year while we live together. Plus she's a great visiting teacher;)

Trevor Allen. So he's pretty cool, and I would say I'm mildly happy that I got to know him this semester, because he's awesome.

Dillon Ostlund. So this kid is so funny and is always cheerful. He makes the world a better place if you ask me. 

Dylan Sawyer. So I already blogged about him, but for real. This guy is my best guy friend that lives in America (yes this is a Randy reference.) He's awesome, and I hope he knows how much I appreciate him.

So all of these people were crucial to my life here at BYU this year. And I need to thank them for that. There are lots of other people who are crucial to my story, so if you didn't get a shout out, don't be offended. I really do love you!!!

Kara. What an awesome girl. She's one of the nicest people I know and always made me feel loved and appreciated. I hope to be more like her one day.

My Relief Society presidency. Sarah, Shannon, and Maryann. You guys are amazing. I couldn't have done this year without you. They are three of the greatest people on the planet and Heavenly Father knew I really needed them this year.

Last but not least, Randy Low. From playing with me all first semester, to still being my best friend thousands of miles away, this guy is the best. I am so lucky to have him in my life, and proud to call him my best friend. He's been there for me this entire first, stressful year of school, and I am so blessed.

So thanks to these amazing people who made this first year at BYU perfect.

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