Month 4

9:37 AM

It's official, bring on month 4! Randy's been out three months now, and they've been so hard but so great! He's learning so much and I'm learning so much, and I'm loving being independent and being a crazy college girl! It's so awesome. I am so proud of that boy and the person he's becoming:)

As a crazy college girl, I cook for myself. Domestic right? So last night I made one of my favorite rice dishes and it's always a hit at our apartment, so I thought I'd share it here! Presenting.....

This is so easy and so delicious!

Basic Rice Pilaf

·         6 Tbs. margarine or butter  (can be reduced to 2 Tbs.)
·         2½ cup water
·         1 small Onion, diced
·         5 chicken bullion cubes
·         2 carrots, medium to large
·         3 cup Minute Rice
Sauté onion and carrots in margarine.  Coat rice with margarine-carrot-onion mixture.  Boil water and dissolve bullion cubes to make chicken broth.  Add broth to the rice mixture, bring to boil and turn off heat.  Cover and let sit for about 10 minutes.  Add cooked peas if desired. Serves six at 225 calories per serving.

Carrots, onions and butter all in the pot getting ready to cook!
I love Wyler's Chicken Bullion cubes 

All coated and ready for the water!

This recipe is seriously so good, not too unhealthy, and goes well with fried chicken (as seen above) or pork chops or just about anything!

Happy Tuesday everyone, and happy 3 months for me!

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