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So yesterday I said goodbye to two of my best friends. Cade already got a huge long blog post because he moved out a while ago, and now it's time for dear Gabriel.

Oh Gabriel. Where do I even start? Gabe is one of the funniest people I know. Not many people know him well enough to see how funny he is, but when you get there, it's hilarious. Gabe has the most hilarious one-liners (seen by my #gabequotes tweets,) and keeps us on the floor laughing. Gabe is one of the sweetest people ever. He'll act like he doesn't want to do something, but then he'll go do it for us in a heartbeat. He drives us EVERYWHERE, let us go spend time at his cabin, lets us punch him all the time, and just takes care of us. He is SO good to Sarah, which makes me so happy.

So dear Gabe, here's to you. Off to Peru on Wednesday. Thanks for being one of my best friends, for being there for me whenever I need it, for driving me in the Jeep everywhere, for watching Star Wars with me and a giant bag of M&M's, for taking me and Lauren for ice cream just to talk about Sarah, for making sure we had fun at the cabin and always letting us go there, for being yourself and always making me happy. You're one of the best friends EVER and I'm going to miss you. Don't forget you promised to write! Emails or letters or carrier pigeons, whatever it takes remember? ;) Love you Gabe-a, Gabey, Gabriel, and all the other things we call you!! I'll miss you and I know you'll be a great missionary to those people and alpaca's in Peru!

Yeah, this is Gabe. He's the best:)

Also, hasn't General Conference been great!!?? More posts on that later, but so far I have loved Henry B. Eyring's talk about coming closer to Christ, Elder Bednar's talk on the law of chastity, Sister Dalton's talk about doing and being what Heavenly Father needs, and so many others! If you don't know what General Conference is, missed a session or a talk, click here!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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