No good deed goes unpunished

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Holy cow friends I am behind! So many wonderful things have happened lately and I need to get to blogging about them! Here's the update according to my iPhone:

July 23 was an AMAZING day. I met my awesome family in Salt Lake City, went to my FAVORITE restaurant (seriously. It's so good. Go try it.)

And then to my FAVORITE musical!

Aren't they too cute:) 
Seriously, Wicked is AMAZING. I started legitimately tearing up when Elphaba sings Defying Gravity just before intermission. They raise her up in the air and BAH. It's too good. 

Then, Pioneer Day! I had so much fun hanging out with Brooke during the Days of '47 Parade, working for KSL and making sure everything went smoothly. 
I didn't get any pictures of the rest of my Pioneer Day but it was wonderful! Here in Utah we have a day to celebrate our pioneer history, and the reason why Utah is the great state that it is! I got to spend lots of time with family, eating delicious food, and hearing my mom read pioneer stories. It was a great day:)

Rachel, Kayla and I went to Banana Leaf here in Provo which has BOMB Sri Lankan food! Curry and pa'an and mango chutney for DAYS. Plus an avocado shake! 

And then...Train! This concert was INCREDIBLE. 

Sorry my pictures are horrible #sorry.

But seriously. They are so incredible live! The concert was SO hot and crazy but it was awesome! I got to go with some wonderful friends and make some wonderful new friends, all in all it was incredible. 

Annnnd this is a sunset in Naha, the city where Randy is living. Pretty incredible. I was having one of those no-good-dirty-rotten-terrible-horrible-really-bad-bad-days on Monday when he emailed. He knows just what to say to make me happy and remind me who I am 
"Remember who you are, and who God expects you to become."

I have a lot of amazing friends who have boosted me up lately when I've needed it, plus my incredible family. I love you all so much! 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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