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I know there have been so many social media posts and tweets about Boston and everything, I just wanted to add my sympathies to those who were there and those who had family who were there. I can't even imagine what could possibly motivate someone to want to hurt people like that. It's beyond anything I can comprehend. Today I am grateful for knowing that the Church is true, that families are forever, that we have a loving Heavenly Father who will make everything alright in the end.

On another note, yesterday I had the highest blog readership EVER. By a lot. So thank you for keeping up with this blog and supporting this crazy goal of mine. I appreciate it:)

On another note, yesterday Sarah and I watched Safe Haven. It was SO scary. But so good. It was kind of perfect to watch it after the Boston Marathon bombings, because in it one of the guys is crazy and wants to hurt people, but there are so many other good people that make life as good as possible. I really needed that reminder; that while there are so many bad people in this world who do things I can't and won't understand, there are so many good people who do things out of kindness and love and sympathy. There are good people and good thoughts, not everything is bad and ugly.

I am so glad for the safety and security I feel, and I can only hope that others will be able to feel that safety and security too.
Happy Tuesday everyone.

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