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Yesterday we went and saw 42. For those of you who don't know (like I didn't until about an hour before the movie) 42 is a movie about Jackie Robinson, the first African American man to play in Major League Baseball. 42 is Jackie Robinson's number. It's the only number in baseball that is retired by every single team.

Can I just say, the movie was incredible. The actors (Yes Harrison Ford was in it, and yes I am slightly in love with him even though he's old) the dialogue, the action, everything was perfect. When I go see movies like that it makes me so sad about the past, but so hopeful for the future. It helps me see that someone can make a difference, that things can change for the better, and every individual matter. When I go see historical movies like that it makes me want to learn all I can about the people who  the stories are about. Ask my friends, they'll tell you. For instance, in Europe I almost bought several books about Queen Elizabeth because I was so fascinated about her. But that's a different story.

So the moral of the story is that you should go see 42. It's an incredible story about a man that we don't hear enough about.

Trust me, go see it. Even if you don't like baseball (but really who doesn't like baseball. It's the American pastime.) It'll make you look at things so differently.

WARNING if you go see this movie there is some profanity and especially lots of use of the N word. They do not condone the use of this word at all, but just be aware that it's in there.

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