The 13th

5:50 PM

To start out this post, let's just go over our weekend. Friday night we helped our friend Haley and her husband Daniel move into their new apartment! It was a good night of chatting and unpacking and food! Saturday was a CRAZY day. We drove to Payson to be at our friends Vanessa and Chris's sealing. It was so amazing. We loved being in that beautiful temple and hearing the words of the sealing. It reminded us of our own wedding and was such an incredible time. We then stayed at the temple to do an endowment session, and that was incredible.

We then hit up Vanessa and Chris's reception, and then our friends' Kara and Silas's reception. It was a great day full of happiness and weddings and so much love. It was also one of my favorite couples in the world's anniversary! My mom and dad are incredible, and I am so lucky that they met each other, fell in love, and decided to make it forever. They are a wonderful example of marriage to me, and I'm so blessed to learn from the best.

And speaking of anniversaries.....Randy and I celebrated 4 years of dating on Thursday. We have celebrated the 13th for years now, and it was so wonderful to celebrate together, married this year.

So in honor of 4 years, we headed to Takashi Sushi in SLC. It was SOOOO good. Best sushi I've had in Utah. Randy is a little spoiled sushi-wise (that's what going to Japan will do to you) but even he said it was good! We hit up our friend Meg Storey's reception after that, celebrated some love and then spent some time with my family.

Now, in honor of our first 13th together, I'm going to post the entire story. The whole she-bang. And Randy is going to help. Buckle up kids. It's the next post.

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