Finals week

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It's almost here. Finals start next week. I'm not ready at all. I'm not ready for finals, I'm not ready to move out, I'm not ready to say goodbye to the people who have become my best friends. But time has this funny way of moving on even when we don't want it to. In some ways I'm glad that time is going by (for obvious reasons) but on the other hand, time going by means more goodbyes and more change and moving around and getting used to places and then leaving them.

Anyway enough of this depressing rant. What we have here is a LIST of things you NEED for finals week to go smoothly. Trust me!

1. Healthy food. You're going to be cramming and going crazy. Don't eat out every meal. Spend an hour making something healthy, drink lots of juice and EAT YOUR VEGETABLES.

2. While healthy food is important, having some treats you love are important to. Buy your favorite treats ahead of time and have them laying around when you're going crazy with stress. They'll relax you!

3. Make a playlist. Have some kind of studying that you can do to music and have it ready for when you study.
4. Take breaks. Frequently! Have a twenty minute episode of your favorite TV show ready to go for a break.
5. Don't stay up late studying. You won't remember anything you studied. Stay up late having fun, get plenty of sleep, then spend your morning and afternoon studying.
6. Know what days you are taking your finals so you know what order to study in. Study for the first tests first....yeah? Makes sense.
7. Get ready for the day. Yeah this sounds stupid, but you'll be more productive if you actually get a little ready for the day.
8. Get outside. Yeah welcome to Provo it's still semi-cold. Just go for a walk and get outside for a little bit to take your mind off studying.
9. Have fun! Don't hole yourself up in your room the whole time. Study, yes, play, yes. You can make time for both, I promise.
10. Do your best. If you study and try your hardest, you'll get the grades you've been working for.

Happy Saturday everyone! And happy 13th to me:)

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