News April 26, 2013

9:27 AM

New York Times Headline: U.S. Economy Speeds Up, but Less Than Forecast

The U.S. economy sped up in the first quarter of 2013 at a rate of about 2.5%. While this is good news, unfortunately this isn't the expected 3% growth that experts were hoping. Growth in the 4th quarter last year was incredibly slow, which may have something to do with the stunted growth of this year already.

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Washington Post Headline: Federal Helium Program: How temporary becomes forever

Presidents since Ronald Regan have been trying to get rid of the federal helium program. This program is left over from the age of zeppelins but has been kept around based on the "what-if we need it" argument. There are plans to finally get rid of this program, but the House is likely to vote on Friday to keep it around. This allows the government to keep its foot in the door of the helium business, and continue to profit on the sale of helium to U.S. companies. 

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