Long string of goodbyes: my best friends

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So I'm sure most of you are really sick of my goodbyes. But since this blog is my journal I have to record everything, even the things that aren't super popular to the 3 readers....:)

Anywho I promise this long string of goodbyes is almost over. I just had to spend a second blogging about my very best friends. Tomorrow we are taking off to Saint George for a few days of fun and sun and just us. It's going to be amazing:)

So let's do this cool little listy thing that ya'll are probably sick of by now.

Rachel. Yes she gets two little paragraphs because she's my roomie AND a best friend/Fat Five girl. Rachel and I weren't immediate friends. We liked each other but I don't think either of us saw a long term friendship. Now I can't imagine what the rest of college would be like without her. Rach loves crazy music and dancing, being wild and weird, but she also loves chilling on a Friday night and having a low-key night just talking. Rachel is SO LOUD but I love that about her. Rach is smart even though she doesn't think she is. Rachel sat and cried with me about Randy and is always happy for me when I get a letter or email, and even plays our song;) (everything is great, everything is grand, I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand...). She is one of the most generous people I know and loves helping other people. She's herself 100% and honestly doesn't care if people don't like that. People may think they know her, but I think I know her better than all of them. So Rach, thanks for the brownie/cookie dough/cake mix nights, sleeping on the mega bed and the couch and in your bed, figuring out what to say to boys that are texting us, movie nights up the wazoo, good chats about the gospel, crepe parties, dancing on the table and whipping your hair, sharing your clothes with everyone, not showering for days at a time and still looking amazing, temple trips, being loud and crazy early in the morning, jamming in the car, and a million other things that would take way too long to write. I love you Rach and I don't know how to live without you for 4 months. I am so glad we have next year though! I LOVE YOU. Even when you're a rake;)

Sarah Ramsay. So sometimes we make fun of Sar and call her Barbie. Because she is beautiful. And she's smart. And she's so funny and crazy. I love how Sar logically thinks things through, and then the next minute just says OK let's just do this! She is spontaneous but thoughtful. It's a good mix. Sar puts a lot of pressure on herself, which is why she is good at so many things. She always says HEY MADS when she walks in and I love knowing that she's glad I'm there. Sarah isn't always the most emotional person, but when I have a problem I know I can go to her and she'll be there for me and help me be rational about it. Sar loves having fun and is always cooking up crazy things for us to do. She's stubborn, which I think is one of her best qualities. She works hard for what she wants, and then she gets it. Sar is always herself, and doesn't let other people get to her. She's a very genuine person, when she compliments you, you know it's for real. She's not fake even a little bit. She also can see the good in people, which is something else great about her. So Sar, thanks for the crazy singing, the breakdowns, the lists of what you ate that day, the movie nights where we screamed when something scary happened, the talks when both of us are stressed about things, the study parties in the activity room/hallway/couch, the secrets we shared, the cabin adventures, the trips in the Jeep, the good advice you always give me, the constant need to want your room clean, the jam sessions and the crazy times we have at dances, and so many other things. I love you so much Sar and I am SO LUCKY you are living with me next year!

Lauren. Lauren is one of the most unique people I know. She is very much her own person, and likes it that way. Lau is so talented but doesn't brag, and sometimes doesn't even realize how talented she really is. She is hilarious and makes me laugh all the time, and she doesn't even have to try to be funny to do it. Lau works so hard to get what she has, and that's why she values the things she has so much. Lauren is always available for great advice, and she and I have amazing conversations. In a lot of ways we are completely the same, and in other ways we're total opposites, which makes things fun. Lauren listens to her heart more than anyone I know, which is why she is so herself all the time. She makes me feel important and loved, which is something I adore about her. Lau, thanks for the deep talks, all the times you came and ate my dinner, letting us come watch you dance, your crazy games and schemes for our weekends, all our Spark runs, dressing classy and making me jealous, our funny nap times, all your stories, us figuring out what to do about all the boys in love with you, the times we cried together, for getting what I was going through, how you act when you're tired, the times you made me edit your papers, helping us find fun places in Provo, our Thai food obsession, all the hair dye excursions, the way you're straight up about EVERYTHING, your funny one liners that have become catch phrases, and for being one of my best friends. I love you and I know we're friends for life, even though you'll be gone for a few months.

Alli. Ok so Alli is the sweetest human. We first bonded over her feeling like a horrible person for eating a candy bar off a table at a party, and worried that it was someone else's candy bar. Alli is loyal to her friends no matter what. I have never had to worry that Alli was saying something mean about me That's just not who she is. She cares so much about other's feelings, and helps me remember that I should do that too. She and I have had some amazing times together and I love her with all my heart. Alli is smart and beautiful even though she won't admit it. Alli is honest and sincere, but loves to have fun. She has her priorities straight (unlike me,) but still manages to find time to be there for me whenever I need it. So Allison Yost, here's to sleeping together in a twin bed on many occasions, staying up WAY too late because you have this no need to sleep thing,  you're breakdowns where you are laughing and then crying, "I don't know how to help you..," our talks about your boy problems, trips to the temple, your dedication to Lent, our talks about missions and the gospel, being way too busy but still finding time to make me laugh, movie nights, always being the first one to come help me when you know I'm upset, the cute notes you left for me, us forcing you to come places and you being a good sport about it, your love for your family that inspired me, for coming to me for advice even though I'm horrible at advice, and for supporting me the way a best friend should. I love you Al and not knowing when I'm going to see you again is horrible. But I know we're going to stay friends no matter what.

These girls are my people. I have so many memories with them and I feel like I've known them a lifetime. I know a summer, or 18 months, or longer, won't keep us from being best friends. These girls know me better than almost anyone, and the person I am today is mostly because of who they are. So girls, thanks for teaching me what friendship is. Thanks for the good times and the bad times, and the way we got through everything together. Fat five forever? I think so.

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