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Today I'm teaming up with Hananh over at Words As Palindromes to do an All About Redheads post. Yeah, we're both redheads, both have the middle name of Rose, and we both love to blog! She had this FANTASTIC idea to do a Redhead Post and, can I say, the girl is a genius. I am SO glad she and I became friends, and you are going to want to check her out. So without further ado, here is our All About Redheads post:)
Isn't she lovely?

Yay for redhead friends:)

Random redhead facts. 
   - According to Greek mythology, natural redheads turn into vampires after they die.
   - Natural redheads only make up 4% of the world's population.
   - Redheads need more sedation during surgery than other hair colors.
   - Red hair is a recessive gene...aka each parent needs a recessive red hair gene to have a child with red hair.
   - Redheads are sometimes said to be more pain tolerant than those without red hair.

Favorite redhead celebrities.
Amy Adams, Debra Messing, Lucille Ball

Yay for redheaded, blogging friends:)

Question time!
  - Do you come from a big family of red hair? I have a grandpa on one side, and a grandma on a different side, that have red hair. I have a few cousins that also have it, but no immediate family!
  - they say redheads have a big temper, and are on "fire"  Do you have a temper or are you pretty easy going? I have an AWFUL temper. 
  - Favorite Disney princess? Ariel, duh!
  - Have you ever dyed your red hair? Never, ever, ever, ever!
  - Greatest sunburn story. Hmmmm there are so many. My favorite sunburn moment was when I got home from Pioneer Trek absolutely FRIED and everyone ran around concerned that I was going to get skin cancer!
  - What is your favorite part of being a redhead? I feel like my hair is unique, and I love that at least that part of me is special:)
  - Favorite way to wear your hair? Curled with my GHD flat iron:)
  - Nicknames for your hair at all? Hahaha well I HATE being called ginger (I know it's the title of my blog) I don't mind when I say it, but when other people say it it sounds insulting. I say my hair is auburn though:)
  - What is your go to outfit? Jeans, and a brown, grey, or black top. I like neutrals with an accent bag or shoes that bring in some color, since lots of colors don't look great next to my hair. Blues and greens are the exception to that rule:)

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.” 

I hope you liked this little All About Redheads post:) NOW. 
Go check out Hannah over at Words As Palindromes

And check her out here:

She has a post like this only about HER experiences as a redhead. She's delightful. Head on over to her blog and follow it! She is so funny, sweet, and an amazing blogger. She'll have you laughing and crying at the same time! So now that you're in the mood for some redhead info, head on over there and read what she has to say! I promise you'll like it! 

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