The Top 10 Things You'll Need In College

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So everyone probably has their special items that they felt were crucial for college. I have a few of those as well. So welcome to Maddy's Top 10 Things You'll Need In College!

10. Hangers. I never had enough! Make sure you bring plenty so you can fit all your clothes and don't have to wad them up in piles all over. Nobody wants that.
9. Pens. I used pens up the WAZOO at school. Get plenty!
8. A good coat! You walk outside every single day. Rain and shine and SNOW. So get a coat that will keep you warm during the freezing winters. You won't regret it!
7. Vegetables. Yes this is happening. Vegetables are a crucial college item. You'll think you're all big and tough and don't need to buy them, but you do. They'll help you not get sick!
6. A laundry bag or basket. I had both and it made my life SO much easier.

5. Ice cream. This is also happening. It's important to eat healthy. It's also important to have treats so that you don't stress out too much. Find a HEALTHY balance and let yourself go there sometimes!
4. Appliances. Chat with your roommates about who has a toaster/iron/waffle maker, etc. You don't want to have to buy everything yourself, but you also don't want to get to school and realize you can't have waffles!
3. A good computer. I used my computer EVERY SINGLE DAY. I wouldn't recommend buying a cheap one and hoping you'll get by. Invest in one you can use for all of college.
2. A solid backpack. Yes there are cute ones that are cheap in every store, but I wouldn't recommend one of those. You will have lots of books and probably a computer in your backpack every day. Get one that will last!

And the number one thing I would recommend to have at school?

1. A good attitude!!! Cliche? Maybe. Crucial? YES. The more you try to be happy, the better your day will be. The more you tell yourself you can do something, the more likely it will be that you can!

Love ya'll:)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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