A Day In The Life

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So here's the day in MY life as a college student, things that I found worked and things that didn't work for me. This may be good for you, it may not work at all. I just know that I liked hearing EVERYTHING that I could about how to survive day-to-day in school. So here we go:)

7:00--wake up. I didn't have classes until 10, but I still tried to wake up between 7 and 8 every day so I got things done. Sleeping in on weekends is GREAT. But if I made myself get up at a reasonable time, life was so much better.
8:00--finished getting ready and had breakfast. I always ate something for breakfast. Skipping breakfast is BAD. I usually just had toast and milk or something like that. But usually skipping breakfast is a bad idea!
9:00--I had a rule that from 9 to 5 I was either in school or doing things for school. If I treated school like a work day, it worked out better for me.
12:00--I usually had lunch around this time. I brought my own lunch from my apartment to save money and be healthier. I usually had crackers and string cheese, baby carrots or another veggie, and whatever fruit I had bought that week!
4:00--I usually got home around 4:00. Some people liked to stay on campus to do homework and study, I liked coming home and grabbing a snack, then spending an hour or two studying and doing homework. It's your personal study habits that will let you know what works for you!
6:00--I started making dinner/eating dinner at this point. Our roommates made dinner for each other a few nights a week, so sometimes I didn't have to worry. It's always better to start making dinner early, so you don't hit 8:00 and then decide to cook some Ramen for the 18th time that week. I loved snacking and making fast meals was necessary sometimes, but when I planned out, shopped for, and prepared a healthy meal, I was happier and felt less guilty about a bowl of ice cream later!
8:00--by this time I was done with school and homework for the day, we would have ward activities or plans with our friends, sometimes I needed to do homework later into the day, but most of the time I got to watch a movie with my friends or go play a game with the guys. It is important to give yourself some free time!
11:00--I tried to get ready to go to bed by 11:00, be asleep by 12:00 every day. Sometimes, this didn't happen and I would get to bed WAY later. Sometimes, I was able to get to bed earlier. This was just a good goal for me to make sure I got a decent amount of sleep every night.

So this was a normal weekday for me. I'll be honest, weekends were totally different! But this is a schedule I generally stuck to, and hey, it got me really good grades and a fun time! Maybe it's something you want to try out:)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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