Loose Ends

6:42 AM

Just a few little things today:) First of all, make sure you check out tomorrow's post! It's going to be great:) I'm teaming up with one of my amazing blogging friends to do a whole REDHEAD POST! I KNOW RIGHT! It's gonna be fun!!

Also, on Friday THE GIVEAWAY WINNER IS ANNOUNCED!!! Click here to see what the giveaway is all about. Abi has also informed me that the winner gets to pick the color, and pattern, of their shirt. Sweet right! So check that out!

Also. I went on the cutest picnic ever on Monday. Let me show you:)

Cream soda and glass goblets, chocolate covered strawberries, lobster dip and sandwiches....AMAZING I TELL YOU.

It was the most adorable picnic and such a fun date! Guys, picnic dates are awesome!

Well now I'm off to clean my car (inside and out) and figure out just how I'm going to pay for all the billions of things I need for school. So that should be fun. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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