8:46 AM

Ok I have been totally busy and neglecting this blog lately. I'm going to get back on track here soon. Promise!

So I didn't get any pictures, but yesterday Jonas took my sisters and I shooting. I've been before, but my sisters have never shot a gun in their lives. It was crazy fun!!! There's something intense about shooting guns at a target. No, I'm not going to go on a shooting spree or even hunting for that matter (Have you seen Bambi? Seriously.) But shooting guns at a target is fun and my sisters and I had a blast. (On this note, Jonas you are in big trouble. He spent WAY too much money getting stuff for shooting. Jonas. I will find you. And I will pay you back. Big time.)

So anyway. That's about it. I promise I'll jump back on the wagon next week and be a zillion times better. You'll see!!!

Also. 7 months down Elder Low. Wahoooo:)

Happy Saturday everyone:)

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