Dr. Pepper and Letter Drought

8:08 AM

So I'm slacking on giving you the news/actually blogging anything. Being at work at 8:00 a.m. leads me to not  have time in the morning, and be way to lazy in the evening. Luckily, I have today off! So here's what's been up:)

On Monday I went on a fun date hiking. Someone thinks he's funny by taking ugly pictures and pretending to give me real Dr. Pepper (I only drink diet...). So that was a fun time:) I also went to breakfast with a great friend and had a wonderful day. We even found our gimpy duck which has been MIA for the past two years. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

This cutie got her braces off!! Which meant caramel apples for all:) Watch out world..she's prettier than ever!

The road into my subdivision is closed. And you'd think I would remember that with all of these signs hanging around. Well you would be wrong. I have tried to drive the normal way out 185738956385 times, and every single time, it is a dirt road with lots of machines on it. So I get to flip around and grumble under my breath as I take the long way to get back to the main road. So that's fun.

If construction in my subdivision isn't enough, all of 2nd North is being ripped up. So I get to slowly follow construction vehicles through the winding, made up lanes of traffic. That's fun.

Also I'm on day 15 of my letter drought. Thank goodness for emails or I would be one unhappy girl. Crossing my fingers that the mail gets figured out, and those letters get here soon!

Now I'm off to figure out what to make for dinner for the next few days while my mom rests. Just call me mother for the next couple days;) But not really. Don't worry, I'll show you all exactly what's going on. Promise;)

And I'll get some major headlines up soon. That's also a promise!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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