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It's Rachel s birthday. This is a big day. She's finally 19 and we can officially begin husband hunting;) She'll probably kill me for putting that. Oh well:)

Basically I wasn't sure if Rachel and I were going to get along. Now she's one of my best friends. One of my Fat Five ladies. I don't know what I would've done last year without her. Or what I would do next year without her. She's been there with me through so much, and I owe that girl SO much. So much of who I became last year is because of Rachel (the good stuff I mean;))

Rach thanks for being one of my best friends. Thanks for making me feel important, for keeping me updated on your life and listening to all my boring stories. Thanks for cake batter and brownie nights, movies, whipping your hair, getting crazy at dances, car dancing, blasting music while we drive, Walmart and McDonald's runs, being my baby, always having Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge, for being our entertainment source;)

For crying with me, laughing with me, telling me when I'm being dumb, having spiritual time with me, sharing experiences, doing "homework" with me, curling up in a ball during finals, not caring what anyone thinks and teaching me not to care either, for teaching me how to let go and have fun, and for showing me what it means to be a really good friend.

I love you Chach! Only 2 months until we're back together. I SO EXCITED:) Happy birthday love:)

Also. Yesterday was one of those days. The ones where you sit and cry in the shower and then eat pie in your bed while watching Netflix. Don't lie, you totally know what I mean. 
The good news is, I had really good pie to eat.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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