It's a great day to be a Dart

9:01 AM

So if you know me, you know that I follow Hailey Haugen (now Devine). I love her story. I saw her at City Creek once. I read her blog. Yeah it's boarderline obsessive, but it's totally fine.

Imagine my shock when I won her Shabby Apple giveaway!!

Yup, this girl is heading to Shabby Apple with 100 dollars to blow. It's a pretty good setup if you ask me. Don't know how it happened (I'd like to think it's Hailey's way of telling me she appreciates me wanting to be her. But that's probably not it,) but life is good my friends.

Also. It's yearbook day at high school which has got me all weepy and nostalgic. I'll save my full graduation post for tomorrow, since that's when the class of 2013 graduates. But here's what I remember about yearbook days from high school:

-Deciding what to wear. It was a challenge for me.
-Running around with my friends to sign yearbooks.
-My hand being tired from writing.
-Sitting outside on the grass and it being SO HOT.
-Running inside to get teachers, and see who was inside that I needed.
-Spending forever in the theater room with everyone.
-Walking out with Randy after and being sad it was all over.
-Heading to Spencer's to swim and play all night.
-Reading through the nice things people said to me, and realizing high school was pretty great.

So happy yearbook day class of 2013!

And happy Thursday everyone!

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