He Knows Me Better

9:37 AM

This is called He Knows Me Better from the EFY 2011 CD. Basically it's one of the best songs ever. Sometimes I just have to remember that HE is the one that knows me best. And I have to trust the feelings that He places in my heart and stop listening to the other voices. Because He is the only one who sees all the pieces put together. Not even I can do that. So I'm going to trust that this piece is supposed to go here, and this piece isn't important, etc. so that I can get the full picture that Christ sees, and needs from me.

In other news I spent the weekend with some old friends, which was weird, but fun! It's funny to get back together with high school friends. We're all so different now. Good different, but so different. Funny what life throws at you to change you in just 10 months.

Also. The love affair with my iPhone is still in progress. Now I'm just in need of a good case or two! Any suggestions? It would be much appreciated.

Ya'll are great. (I've been talking to my friends from Texas lately. Judge me;))

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/8pcs-New-Posh-Awesome-Hard-Back-Cover-Case-for-Iphone-4S-H-8-/271216467774

    This is my suggestion for your iPhone. I don't know if it's the version you have, but to me these scream Maddy :)


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