Huge corn dogs:)

7:44 AM

Another day off work? Yes. This is happening. My mom is getting surgery so my parents are gone at the hospital, I'm off of work playing "mom" for a few days. So we'll see how that goes....

Meanwhile here's what's been up lately. Life according to my iPhone if you will:)

Remember the letter drought?'s over:) Two great letters and this girl was very, very happy!

HUGE corn dog. It was delicious. We went to the little hot dog vendor on the side of the street, next to the snow cone shack. It was a good choice.

I saw this sign yesterday and it hurt my heart. All my musical productions friends will know why. What a good song:)

We look happy. It is a lie. We went and swam at Cherry Hill at 6:45 because Big Budah was there, and my boss wanted the park to have people in it! was freezing, but still super fun:)

Also. How can it already be June 20?!?!?! My summer is almost halfway gone!!! I can't believe it. I thought I was cruising through summer, doing so much. NOPE. I need to step up my game and make this summer even more epic! Well now I have to go do the dishes, so we can go BACK to Cherry Hill and play some more. It is no longer enough that I work there, I need to go play there too! That's how great it is:) 

Happy Thursday everyone!

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