News June 6, 2013

8:24 AM

KSL Headline: Friends, family gather to remember BYU student after body found

After an extensive search of Y Mountain in Provo, 22 year old Tyler Mayle's body was found last night. He had been missing since Saturday, though it hadn't been reported until Monday. Experts think he was trying to climb a steep cliff and fell 60 feet or so. They are still looking into the details of the tragedy. Family and friends gathered to search, and then sing tribute, to Tyler. 

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New York Times Headline: U.S. Is Secretly Collecting Records of Verizon Calls

The Obama administration is carrying out a new surveillance program which involves collecting American business communications, legal due to the Patriot Act. A senior official for the Obama administration said that this court order does not allow them to hear the conversation or even get the names, but rather allows them access to metadata, such as length of calls, for Verizon custoemrs.

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