Weekend Recap

10:20 AM

So after a great day of birthday celebrations, we entered into birthday weekend! Unfortunately like a fool, I forgot to take ANY pictures of the weekend. #ashamed

If you saw my Snap story you saw Randy jamming out and having a great time. Too bad I didn't snap any ACTUAL pictures or videos. i know, I'm the worst. So here's a picture of Randy cuz he's a cutie.

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Friday after work, Randy got to grab some In N Out for dinner, and then all of our friends came over for games, cake, chips, and Alexon brought some wings that were TO DIE FOR. We talked and played and laughed until 2 AM, #whitesquad style. It was such a blast and I love love love our friends.

Saturday was full of sleeping in and then a little bit of homework :/ but then we went to Chili's and Guitar Center with Caleb and Nanette and Randy got to play every single instrument (because he's that talented) to his heart's content. It blows me away how he can sit down at literally every guitar, bass, piano, drum set, and even the DJ equipment, and make it sound amazing. He's truly gifted and I love getting to see that side of him regularly.

Saturday evening we watched Casino Royale which is one of Randy's favorite movies.

Sunday we went to church which is always fun, and then went to Kaysville for a roast beef dinner with my family, also one of Randy's favorite meals. We played games and planted Easter grass (another Easter tradition for another post) and had a great time.

All in all, I think it was a really successful birthday weekend.

Also, what do you think of our new header, and the About Us page? Comment below if you can't read it, if you like it, love it, think my explanation of who Randy and I are is good...all the things.


Happy Tuesday everyone!

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