Love day 4+5

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Due to some unforseen complications, I wasn't able to post love day 4 yesterday.


Should be pretty good:)

Love Day 4:

Love is forgiving. People aren't perfect, even those we love. And sometimes, the people that we love the very most are the people we take for granted the most often. The people that we love spend the most time with us, so we sometimes don't recognize their needs, or understand that by being concerned about how others view us or how we can help others, we are neglecting those loved ones who need us most.

I read a blog post a while ago where the blogger said she wanted to put her husband first. I thought "Isn't that what you're supposed to do?" She went on to explain even more, saying that she always tried to put him before herself, but that didn't always mean she was putting him before everyone else. When their friends would ask if they wanted to do this, or eat with them there, she would want to be easy going and helpful for them, and respond "We can do whatever!" She explained how she recognized that often she was putting other people before her husband, because she wanted to be helpful to others.

That kind of hit me, and one of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to always put Randy first. I'm not always good at this, and so I'm very lucky that Randy is forgiving.

Love is recognizing the weaknesses in those around you, and not using those weaknesses against them. Not using those weaknesses to bring them down, or even pointing them out in any way other than in complete kindness.

Love is forgiving someone when they don't say they're sorry, and forgiving them without expecting them to. This can be so incredibly hard.

But that forgiveness is the true character of love.

Love Day 5:

Love is laughter. Nobody makes me laugh or smile as much as Randy Low, my family, and my friends. Randy especially just makes me giggle all the time. Love is learning not to take life so seriously, and recognizing that there are hard times as well as wonderful, fun times. It's about embracing those times, making memories, and learning to laugh through all the hard times too.

I'm so thankful that I have family and friends, and most of all a wonderful husband, who help me learn not to take everything so seriously. It's so good for me to relax, and just spend some time laughing with the people that I love.

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