6+7 [days of love]

8:11 AM

Whoa. I'm behind now friends.

So here's the love days six and seven coming at ya!

[day of love 6]

Love is a forever family. I have the best family in the universe. I can't get over how lucky I am! And, I also am so lucky to know that my family can be together FOREVER (said in the Sandlot voice. you know. FOR-EV-ER).

But really. Why would I not want to be with these guys for eternity?

Walking through the Provo City Center temple with my family just resonated that again and again to me. We have the chance to live in perfect happiness, together, all of us, forever. I don't want to be the one who isn't there because I messed it up. No empty chairs in heaven.

Love is knowing that even though we're not all perfect, we love each other and are excited for forever because we all will be perfect, and it will be perfect to be together.

[day of love 7]

Love is finding the little things that make you smile. Whether it's a football game, some nachos, little smokies, or in my case buying adorable things at Target for Valentine's gifts. Finding the little things every day that make you happy is finding the love in your life, and relishing in it. This life is tough, and it would be super easy to find all the bad things and never see tiny moments where you can absolutely love your life. It would be way to easy to do that. Instead, we have to fight to find the moments full of love and laughter, and hold on to them.

Trials and tribulations are mandatory. Misery is optional.

So find the little pieces of love and hold on to them!

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