Valentine Staycation Weekend 2016

4:23 PM

This Valentine's Weekend was absolutely perfect. It was our first one as a married couple and it honestly was an absolute dream come true.

We spent Friday night with some of our best friends, watching movies and eating pho (which is always delightful).

We started Saturday off by sleeping in a bit, then packing our bags and off to brunch! We ate at Mimi's and it was DELICIOUS. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, hot chocolate, croissants, and more. It was seriously awesome.

We then shopped at the Outlets in Lehi for hours. Randy and I love to shop, especially together. It was so fun to wander the stores, find things with awesome specials for the holiday, and just be together.

Randy and I then headed up to Provo where we saw one of my best friends, drove around and saw some of our favorite places, and Randy took me to my favorite nail place to get my nails done! Is he not the sweetest? We then got to go see my sister which was a blast.

Then it was off to dinner where we had great food, and only OK service. The waitress wasn't super great, which was frustrating. But it ended in us getting free dessert so I was OK with it!

Back to our hotel for hot tubbing and then the Food Network and candy. Randy and I got each other watches (it's kind of becoming a Valentine's Day tradition) and he also got me some more jewelry, because he spoils me absolutely rotten.

We slept in on Sunday and had breakfast in bed. We then were off to our good friend Kristen's mission homecoming with my family which was awesome. Valentine's Day night was just full of relaxing and reading.

It was seriously probably the best Valentine's Day we have ever had, and a perfect mini getaway that we needed.

I am so incredibly lucky to love Randy, and even more lucky that for some crazy reason, he loves me back.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and got to celebrate with the people that you love.

Happy Monday and Happy President's Day!

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