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So in roughly 7 hours, 2012 will be gone and 2013 will be here. If this next year flies by as fast as this past one has, I'll be one happy girl. In honor of 2012, I wanted to make a list of things, people, experiences, etc. that made 2012 an awesome year.

  • I started the year with a kiss from my best friend. Maybe I'll end the year that way too!
  • I got sing and dance on the stage of Davis High with all my Productions friends one last time
  • After a crazy audition, 6 callbacks, a lost voice, hours of rehearsals and lots of fun performances, I finished the One Act Play Festival, even going to the state competition in one show.
  • I spent lots of hours upstairs in Terri Hall's room, doing DTV and figuring out how much I loved it.
  • I spent lots of time with my friends, doing crazy things and having so much fun.
  • I went to Prom with the most amazing guy in the world.
  • I had a blast with my family for the last few months before I moved out.
  • I studied SUPER hard and got a 4.0 my last semester of high school.
  • I did well on all my AP tests after studying my brains out
  • I graduated high school, went to lots of awards celebrations, dinners, dances, and finished my high school career with my best friends.
  • I quit dancing, one of the hardest decisions of my life.
  • I jetted off to Europe for 3 weeks and had some amazing experiences that have totally shaped my life.
  • I got into BYU.
  • I worked (if you call it that) at Cherry Hill with all my awesome friends.
  • I had a summer romance.
  • I stressed and cried and stressed more about leaving.
  • I moved away to college.
  • I realized how much I love my family.
  • I made lots of new friends.
  • I had several crisis's about where my life was headed.
  • I fell in love with BYU.
  • I found myself in a 3rd floor apartment with turreted windows.
  • I realized how much the Lord loves me and the girls in my Relief Society
  • I spent four blissful months at college, with my best friend never too far away.
  • I watched that best friend open his mission call.
  • I cried (probably too much) at the thought of him going.
  • I had an amazing Christmas with my family (probably our last one with all the extended family together)
  • I spent so much time laughing, smiling, singing, dancing, loving, learning, crying, I've lost count.
  • I went on multiple Chili's runs, grocery shopping excursions, late night IHOP parties, spent lots of time locking up Cherry Hill, driving around good old Kaysville, putting down my windshield wipers, sitting and overlooking the city, singing in the car, reading my scriptures, taking pictures, laughing, studying, reading, practicing the piano, writing notes, doing chores, cooking meals, going on dates, and loving.

It's been an incredible year, and I can only pray that this next one is just as good. It'll be very different, but I think if I try, I can still make it a good one. Here's to 2012, and welcome to 2013.

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