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So it is officially the second day of 2013!! So far, it has been a wonderful year. Hopefully it will continue to be a fabulous year for the next 363 days. I have a new look for my blog this year, and just thought I would jot down a few of my resolutions, and hopefully if I publish them for all to see, I'll have to be better at keeping them!

  • Read my scriptures and say my prayers every single day. I don't struggle with this persay, but it's such a good resolution and I've had it every year since I can remember.
  • Be the best Relief Society President I can be. I could be doing so much better, and I intend to make sure that in 2013 I do the very best I can.
  • Be incredibly supportive of my best friend who will be in Japan.
  • Make a difference in someone's life every day that I can.
  • Spend time each day helping others.
  • Be the best sister and daughter possible.
  • Get good grades
  • Figure out myself!
  • Have lots and lots of fun.

So have a wonderful new year everyone! Happy 2013.

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