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Today I had a beautiful moment. Well I had several of them.

One time on the Office Pam and Jim are about to get married and Pam tells Jim that they need to take mental pictures to remember everything. Ever since I saw that, I have been taking mental pictures so I will remember things. These mental pictures don't just capture what everyone is wearing or what we're doing, they capture my feeling. Which is better than a regular camera if you ask me. So today we (meaning Rachel, Sarah, Alli, Lauren, Randy, Gabe, Cade, Michael and me) were all crammed in the van, having successfully kidnapped Sarah and taken her to breakfast for her birthday. Music was playing and we were singing, driving up to the Y trail head to just look over the city for a minute before we holed ourselves up to study. And I looked around for a second. And took that mental picture. The mental picture of Cade making fun of how we sing, and Alli laughing so hard she was crying, and Rachel laying on Sarah because she was so tired, and Randy just laughing and driving as carefully as possible. Can I just say I love my friends, and this semester at BYU has been full of mental picture moments, moments where I capture one incredible feeling. The feeling of happiness.

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