Temple Trip

4:43 PM

Today we went to the temple. It was so wonderful. I took a test that I only feel so-so about (if I get an A- in that class I might cry) and Rachel had a bad day, so on the way to Book of Mormon we said it was a very good thing we were heading to the temple that afternoon. BOM was amazing as always, we all started tearing up a bit at the end even though we have Brother G again next semester. And then we went to the temple where the nice old man at the recommend desk asked us how we were doing, if we were doing good, to which Rach responded "yes" and then the man proceeded to explain how he knew we were doing good, but he wanted to know how we were. That threw Al for a loop. But she was having a bad day anyway so it's understandable. It seemed like a funny conversation, and you readers probably have no idea what I'm rambling about anyway, but the point is that he said he knew we were doing good...as in we were doing good things and being good. And it made me want to make sure he was right. That I WAS doing good things. For others and for myself. So thank you sir, for reminding me that even though I'm busy and stressed, I can still be doing good.

On another note, after hearing we weren't having the best day, Randy stopped by with some Starbucks hot chocolate for all of us. He's a keeper :)

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