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So finals week is coming up. Tomorrow. Now technically speaking I've already taken two "finals" which were really just the last exam for those classes. Still stressful in their own way however. But now it's Book of Mormon tomorrow and Biology whenever I can make myself actually go take it.

Today was wonderful and sad. We had our last ward prayer with our ward and I cried as Brett Brown and Devin my home teacher played the guitar and sang. Three of the six guys who I have come to regard as brothers (even though technically they're Allison, Sarah and Lauren's brothers...) bore their testimonies and made us all cry again. It's hard to realize that I'm not only losing my absolute best friend, but also half of the other guy friends who I spend a lot of my time with. Good thing none of the girls are leaving (YET).

Anywho enough wallowing in self-pity.

Here's my cute family. Our Christmas card picture is the bottom one. They are delightful. Have a wonderful finals week!!! Or if you're in high school...a wonderful not finals week.

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