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Here's the explanation of my Thanksgiving, and a look at what I was wearing that day:)

So my weekend started after work on Wednesday! We headed back to my house for family, pie (we can never wait until Thanksgiving to eat pie. We aren't a patient family,) games and movies.

Thanksgiving came way too early, but we made the best of it by heading to the park to play steal the flag and Frisbee and football! We won, by the way. Then it was putting the finishing touches on all the food and heading over to Grandma's! I ate WAY too much (recipes are still coming, never fear friends,) and played games and took five or six naps I think, and over all just had way too much fun. Thursday night was games and movies and more food than I should've ever eaten, more games and laughing and talking, etc. etc.

Friday was MORE food (I know, right?), Catching Fire (it was incredible. If you haven't seen it I would highly recommend it!) and SHOPPING. Drew and I were incredibly productive and got lots of things on our shopping lists crossed off. Which was wonderful:) Friday night I got to go with my family to see Ballet West's The Nutcracker. IT WAS AMAZING. I seriously almost died. They were so technically amazing and elegant and beautiful. It made me miss dancing a lot but it was SO wonderful.

Saturday we ate MORE FOOD. And my cousin Michael got baptized so that was awesome, I got to see some of my best friends from high school during a quick hot chocolate run, and then it was more games with the family until they headed to a concert, and Drew and I went to the USU/BYU basketball game in SLC. It was SUCH a good game, so close until BYU pulled ahead in the end. The fans were CRAZY and it was really fun to be there. Then it was home sweet home after a crazy fun weekend. It was a much needed holiday and I really don't think it was long enough. But that's ok, Christmas is soon right?

And the Christmas tree is up! Finally:)

I love my family:) All dressed up for The Nutcracker
We had a "White Grape Cocktail" to kick off Thanksgiving.

My cute family with Michael on his baptism day!


Thanksgiving outfit!
Sweater--Forever 21
Black Jeans--Dillards
Boots--Forever Young Shoes
Jewelry--Forever 21

Happy Monday everyone, and happy back to reality!

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    1. I love you! The pictures of your house, especially the bookshelf, are perfect and I am so happy you got moved in!!!


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