In which I win an award

10:39 AM

In my English 311 class there are only about 20 people. Which is incredibly small for a BYU class. This class fulfill a general requirement for advanced writing, and most of the students are juniors and seniors. We grew close as a class, and I really enjoyed my time learning and laughing there.

Yesterday we did final presentations, ate food, and got class awards. The awards part was probably my favorite.

I am incredibly proud. I never thought this day would come. But it came. I texted my mom immediately after to tell her the good news. What a day.

Also, one final and one final project down, one final project and two tests left to go. That was very long winded but you get the idea.

Currently indulging in:

Frozen hot chocolate. Ok it was last night but whatever.
Us. Best band ever.
My Snuggie.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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