Eve of the Eve

12:41 PM

It's Christmas Eve Eve. I try to be funny sometimes.

Basically the weekend has been a whirlwind. I've shopped FAR too much, ate a lot, spent time with Drew's awesome family, saw a movie with mine, made a sassy snowman with my sisters (his name is Pauool. He's great) and a million other things I can't even remember now.

Basically being home from school is the best. Now all I have to do is bake cookies and wrap presents and figure out my schedule for next semester. Nothing big;)

With Christmas coming on so fast, I just wanted to share some thoughts I had on the season. We hear all the time that we need to put the Christ back in Christmas. This year, Drew really helped me do that. He wanted to give service to someone else every Monday in December. We had so much fun serving others. And it was even more fun to look forward to the next service experience. It made me realize how important it is to do things for others, and not just this time of the year. So maybe one of my New Year's Resolutions will be about serving others so I don't lose this awesome feeling. 

On another note, Christmas Eve at my house means one of my favorite holiday traditions, which you can read about over at Hannah's blog, Words as Palindromes. BUT also, books. I love  that we get a book every Christmas Eve. It's something exciting that I love and my mom is brilliant for starting this tradition.

So the tree is trimmed, family's are gathering together, and life is good. 

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, and happy Monday!

P.S. In two weeks, Randy will have been gone for a year. GET READY FOLKS.

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