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Hello everyone!  It's Hannah again over at Words as Palindromes!  Maddy is super busy with exams and presentations this week, as I was last week, so we decided it would be fun to guest post on each other's blogs.  So here it goes!
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Hannah and I blog over at Words as Palindromes.  I am a senior in college and attend school in MN.  I am studying to be a Speech-Language Pathologist. I blog about everything and anything that happens in my life, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's lame, and sometimes it's just great!  But you should definitely check it out!  

Christmas is coming up sooner than any of us can imagine, right?  I mean I still have to wrap all my presents and find a few yet, but I don't want to go to any of the stores because they are SOO CRAZY. So today we are going to talk about some of my favorite Christmas traditions. 

1. Decorating Christmas cookies
Usually, my mom would always bake the cookies and would always have all my siblings frost them when I was at school or at work...but last year it was a day when I was off!  I was so excited! My siblings and I listened to Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas music while attempting (attempting is the key word) to decorate the cookies professionally.

2. Christmas Trees
I guess this really isn't a tradition, but no matter where I am, whether on campus, at home, at my grandma's or at a coffee shop, you will always find me by the Christmas tree.  There is just something so peaceful about the bright lights and looking at how each and every person decorates the tree so beautifully and differently.

3. Christmas Lights
In my town in WI there is a large park at the end of a big lake in WI.  Every year they completely deck the whole park out with lights and it is so beautiful!  Within the past couple of years they have a light show.  Every year after the Children's Christmas Eve service at my church, my family and I get in my car, still in our dresses and ties, and drive to the park, despite the craziness and enjoy the light show.
4. Christmas at Granny J's
Let's preface this and say my dad is the 9th of 11 children.  Yup, I did just say 11 kids.  That means Christmas is crazy.  Every year since I was born we have gone to Christmas at her house on Christmas Day.  There have been some years when there have been over 70+ people at her house between all the aunts, uncles, grandchildren, their children, boyfriends & girlfriends, and more.  It is a blast.  Usually we don't eat until almost 7:00PM at night.  Then we open presents.  Recently, Santa has been coming. :)  Then the best part of the night.  We all sit down in the living room and sing Christmas carols for over an hour with my uncle playing them on the piano.  Nothing gets better than that. 

5. The awkward Christmas Family Photo
This one is not actually too awkward, but every Christmas Eve before we open presents we attempt to take pictures in front of the Christmas tree.  It really has not worked too well in the past few years due to the fact that Josh is about 8 million feet tall now and we are all too big to fit in a picture. 

Sure there are more traditions like my favorite peanut butter cookies with the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, the ranch oyster crackers, seeing my cousins who I like to call my best friends, and hoping that even though I live in WI, the weather is not too cold.

I hope all of you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and remember to stop over at my blog, Words as Palindromes.

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