Welcome Home

1:21 PM

So I am all moved in and things are good! It was rough, and there are still things that are going to be rough, but life is good!

I went to my new ward and it was a blast. Everyone seems so nice, and it'll be a good year.

Here's my apartment. Welcome home:)

Welcome to Rachel asleep on the couch as per usual....

Heidi is going to hate me for this picture. But this is our kitchen:)

This is also our kitchen

This is our map of all our missionary friends

This is my room (complete with three pairs of viable pointe shoes for me to play with:))

My desk and shelves:)
We also saw these awesome guys perform in Sandy yesterday. This is The Fellows. They are fantastic:) You should totally go check them out!

This is the thing you need to know. There is a God in heaven who is so mindful of you. He was mindful of me today. There have been so many crappy things going on, but also some really great things happening in the midst of all the bad things. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. 1. I like that in the picture with your laptop in it, Blogger is open. #mylife
    2. Your bedspread is so pretty!!
    3. Missionary Map. So cute.

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