First day of school!

9:22 AM

So today is the first day of school. Expect a huge blog post tomorrow with all the details:) But for now here's just a little story. I'm weepy and nostalgic and whatever, it's fine.

We walked across the street toward the familiar door. I'd walked that parking lot a million times. Too many of those times with you. It'd be nice to have you here now. But the current company was more than enough. The activity room had the same furniture, virtually in the same place. The decorations in the hallways were different. They seemed meant for people younger than us, and I guess they were. I walked the stairwell that I'd walked a million times. The second floor was welcoming. It felt like coming home. But it's not home anymore. Down the hallway I knew where everyone lived, but someone strange stood in front of a door. It wasn't mine anymore. I chuckled at the bulletin board and the new Carnival theme of the hallway. It was an age ago that I lived there, but it was also yesterday. I stopped to talk to a friend, and saw the inside of her apartment. It looked so much like my old place. I almost had to laugh at the absurdity of it all. It was like walking through a dream, or a bizarre deja-vu. Back to the parking lot in the pouring rain. Driving away felt like Freshman year again. But then we came home. To the underground parking lot and the blasting air conditioning in one room, to the broken refrigerator and the three foot high bed. And I love everything about it.

Happy Tuesday everyone, and happy first day of school to me:)

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