Hellos and Goodbyes

7:40 PM

Two first days of school down! Here's your cliche first day pic....fun right? And my apartment is clean! Which is great:) The first day(s) of school were great! I really like all of my classes, especially the ones that have to do with my major and minor. Call me weird but I love school. It's stressful, but the things I'm studying are just fascinating and I've missed that. Also my teachers all seem fantastic (one of them LOVES the word fantastic. She's fantastic:)) and I think it's going to be a good semester. Stressful? Yes. But good? Yes.

I also had to say goodbye to this beautiful girl today. Allison Yost is one of the most Christ-like people that I know. She's going to be an amazing missionary to the people of Milan, Italy. I couldn't be more proud of her, or more lucky to call her my friend. Goodbyes are hard, especially with people that you love. But I know that she and, all of us really, will be friends forever. And that's something to be happy about. I love you Sister Yost! See you in 18 very short months. I can't wait:) 

Happy Wednesday everyone, happy second first day of school to me, and happy life, really. It is a happy life, isn't it?

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  1. Can we be any more similar? I LOVE school and classes too! :)

  2. Haha my friends have always thought I was weird for loving school... the stress-full-ness and all! :)

  3. Italy! That's where my husband served, only he went to Rome. Your friend will have a great mission there, especially with the temple under construction. (And... psssst... I love school too!)

  4. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who loves school:) Blog friends are the best:)

  5. I really love school too, and I was always excited at the beginning of the semester. Not during final exams week, though! :P

  6. first of all... your shirt is soo cute! And school is really not too bad, especially at BYU, you are so right! It's amazing here! Hope you're having a great weekend (: Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog (:


    1. Thanks Erica:) BYU is the BEST and I really hope I bump into you sometime!


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