Country fried chicken

6:20 PM

I've had a few requests to see my new purse....

So here it is! I'm in love with it. It's black and brown which I normally HATE, but this mix on an accessory works. It can go with my black OR brown outfits. It's super professional looking which is AWESOME and exactly what I want. AH it's just great. Judge me for getting so excited about a purse. BUT REALLY IT'S A PURSE.

Also. Look at the dinner I cooked:) Fried chicken, mashed red potatoes, carrots, and creamy chicken gravy. Sometimes I can be domestic:) Shout out to my mama for teaching me everything:) Also sorry for the blurriness of my picture. It was just sitting there and I was STARVING so I snapped a picture and ATE:)

I'm so busy folks. Between Student Alumni and my calling and being social and work...and oh that school thing. Yeah between all of that I'm swamped. BUT I will blog as often as I can:) It's therapy for me, really:)

So life is busy, but grand. School is hard but I think I'm doing far hahaha. AND for any of you BYU folks who want to be involved, joining Student Alumni is the way to go! It's not too hard, not too many hours, but you get to meet some awesome people and give back to BYU! I'm in charge of the Food Drive and I know you're DYING to be on my committee. But really. Email me and we'll get it all figured out:) You'll love it, I promise!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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